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Earn cash incentives by participating in our Peak Saver Pilot Program. Terms and conditions apply.

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What is the FortisBC Peak Saver Pilot Program? Why should you join? How does it work?

What is the FortisBC Peak Saver Pilot Program?

When we experience cold snaps or heat waves, or when everyone gets home from work at the same time, demand for electricity peaks across our system. If you participate in our pilot, we’ll remotely adjust the temperature setting on your heating and/or cooling systems by a few degrees, or turn off your water heater, pool pump or electric vehicle (EV) charger for a brief period during high demand. By participating, you’ll earn cash incentives and help us keep the power grid stable.

Why should you join?

If your home qualifies, you'll receive $50 for each participating device. * Once the pilot is over you’ll be eligible to receive an additional $50 for each device. Plus, you'll help us conserve electricity when it's needed most.

*A device includes a thermostat, EV charger, pool pump and water heater. Terms and conditions apply.

How does it work?

During a designated Peak Saver event we'll send out a signal to participating devices to either turn the temperature setting down (heating systems) or up (air conditioners). Water heaters, EV chargers and pool pumps will be turned off for brief periods during events. Want to know more? Check out our FAQs.

Are you ready to start earning?

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to participate?

As this is a pilot, we've limited participation to select FortisBC electricity customers in Kelowna. Customers with EV chargers and eligible thermostat devices must ensure they're connected to a stable internet connection. For water heaters and pool pumps, our vendor EcoFitt will visit your home to install a remote timer.

How will I know about an event?

A few hours before an event, you'll be notified via your preferred communication method (email or text).

What will I get for participating?

If you and your home is eligible, you can receive $50 for each participating device. Once the pilot is over you’ll receive an additional $50 for each device. Payment will be via cheque.

Man and woman looking at a laptop while sitting on the couch, learning about FortisBC's Peak Saver Pilot Program.

Do you qualify?

If your home has one or more of the following devices, you may be eligible to participate in our Peak Saver Pilot Program.

an ecobee® or Honeywell Home® Wi-Fi connected thermostat controlling an electric space heating and/or cooling system such as:

  • electric forced air furnace
  • electric boiler
  • air source heat pump
  • central air conditioner

electric water heater

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